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June 4-8 2007, Dubrovnik, Croatia
At the beginning of the Knowledge Society era the fourth Dubrovnik Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment System is aimed to promote a new strategy in the development of life support systems. This Conference is a new venue in the improvement of quality through the dissemination, exchange and promotion of new ideas for the interdisciplinary, multi-cultural and multi-criteria evaluation of complex system. Sustainability science is a new discourse aimed at promoting a new strategy in the development of complex systems.

The 2007 Dubrovnik Conference main theme will be transport. Transport problems in our society are becoming increasingly demanding, which requires increased attention of the engineering and scientific community. In particular, sustainable development requires special attention to the transport problems, including: innovation of transport structure, introduction of hybrid vehicles, increase of efficiency of transport systems, development of new fuels, as biofuels, hydrogen and electricity, and development of pollution control. The 2007 Dubrovnik Conference will thus invite those interested in transport problems to propose special sessions devoted to different aspect of transport, including engineering, social, and environment aspects.

The conference will also retain the broad rational scope of the Program, maintaining attention to energy, water and environment as the essential commodities needed for human life. In the development of our civilization these three commodities have served as the fundamental resources for the economic, social and cultural development. Sustainability is the concept of resource use in ways that meet the present needs of modern society while not compromising the needs of the future generations. In this respect the conference will focus on the following objectives as they apply to both developing countries that wish to improve the quality of life of their citizens, and to countries that are developed and resource-rich but wish to sustain the future quality of life of their citizens:

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