Please download the Manuscript template which must be used in order to succesfully process the submission.

Submissions not complying to the template will surely be returned to authors for revision.

Submissions are welcome only in English language.

Using Large Language Models / AI in writing paper submitted to JSDI (including ChatGPT):

No LLM tool will be accepted as a credited author on a research paper. Any attribution of authorship carries with it accountability for the work, and AI tools cannot take such responsibility.

Authors using LLM tools must declare and document this use in the "Methods" or "Statements and Declarations" sections of the manuscript.

The use of aLLM or AI must be properly documented in the Methods section (and acknowledgements, if appropriate) of the manuscript. If a Methods section is not available, the introduction section (or another appropriate section) can be used to document the use of the LLM.

The manuscripts should be submitted using the online submission system COMET: