Modelling of smart irrigation with replan and redistribution algorithms

Original scientific paper

Journal of Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems
Volume 10, Issue 3, 1090409
Rui Pereira1 , Sofia Lopes1, Maria Fernanda Costa1, Naim Haie1, Fernando Fontes2
1 University of Minho, Guimarães, Portugal
2 University of Porto, Porto, Portugal


It is a priority develop intelligent irrigation systems to save water. Using optimal control formulations and techniques, the water consumption can be made to follow more closely the hydrological needs of the crop, taking into account current weather conditions. Here, the mathematical model presented by the authors in previous publications is improved. This new model incorporates new features like the slope of the soil, the possibility to include a percentage of water losses due to runoff, and a percentage of water losses if the soil is on the field capacity. A new and efficient replan strategy is applied tacking into account the data measured from moisture sensors, to ensure that hydric needs of the crop is fulfilled.  A new approach to deal with multiple irrigation points is also proposed. It allows to redistribute the available water in the case an irrigation point is not able to provide the water needed.

Keywords: Smart irrigation, Irrigation plan, Replan, Water redistribution algorithm, Soil moisture, Optimal Control

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