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Published papers

Volume 12
Issue 2, June 2024 (in progress💡)
Special issue: SDEWES 2023
Costs and perspectives of synthetic methane and methanol production using carbon dioxide from biomass-based processes
Volume 12, Issue 2, 1120484
Frank Radosits, Amela Ajanovic, Simon Pratschner
Indigenous Adaptive Capacity Index to climate change: a Brazilian case study
Volume 12, Issue 2, 1120485
IGOR Raupp, Luciana da Paz, Katia Garcia, Giovana Faleiro, Denise de Matos
Low-impact Management of Produced Water: Assessing Phytodepuration with Halocnemun Strobilaceum and Suaeda fruticosa
Volume 12, Issue 2, 1120494
Elisabetta Franchi, Danilo Fusini, Ilaria Pietrini, Francesca Bretzel, Andrea Scartazza, Meri Barbafieri, Marco Vocciante
From the Wood-Based Community to the Circular, Carbon-Neutral and Sustainable Bioeconomy: recommendations for the transition
Volume 12, Issue 2, 1120495
Zlatko Nedić, Ivan Ambroš, Ivan Janić, Ana Bošković, Danijel Cestarić, Biljana Kulišić
Hydrogen Production by Steam Reforming using Biomass
Volume 12, Issue 2, 1120496
Dragan Stevanovic, Christian Kutter, Tarek Philippi, Florian Völkl, Aditya Buradkar
Critical Review and Analytical Energetic Assessment of Key-parameters for Industry 4.0 Development in Italy through a Cross-comparison with the EU Digitalization Scenarios
Volume 12, Issue 2, 1120499
Giulia Bellini, Francesca Bazzocchi, Marco Borgarello, Simone Maggiore, Stefano Moscarelli
Digital Ecosystem to enable Circular Buildings – The Circular Twin Framework Proposal
Volume 12, Issue 2, 1120500
Stefan Schützenhofer, Sophia Pibal, Anastasia Wieser, Matteo Bosco, Maria Fellner, Valentinas Petrinas, Iva Kovacic
A quantitative model of the city in 15 minutes for decision-making
Volume 12, Issue 2, 1120502
Jose Miguel Carot, Aida Villalba
Prediction of high Andean grasslands biomass in the upper zone of the National Sanctuary of Ampay-Peru for promoting an adequate management of natural grasslands
Volume 12, Issue 2, 1120503
Carolina Soto Carrión, Wilber Jiménez Mendoza, Iris Perez-Almeida, Carlos Marin Rodriguez
Hybrid Electrical-Internal Combustion Engine Power Supply for Multirotors: Feasibility Analysis and Case Study
Volume 12, Issue 2, 1120505
Matija Krznar, Danijel Pavković, Juraj Benić, Danko Brezak, Mihael Cipek
The Impact of Extreme Hydrological Events on Drinking Water Quality in Rural Areas – Case Study South-eastern Serbia
Volume 12, Issue 2, 1120507
Sandra Stankovic, Dejan Vasovic, Milica Ivanović, Aleksandra Boricic
Life Cycle Assessment of Shared Dockless Stand-up E-scooters in Sweden
Volume 12, Issue 2, 1120508
Kristina Holmgren, Elin Einarson Lindvall, Joakim Rosell
Optimizing Net Transfer Capacity Calculation in Albania and the shift towards coordinated approaches between Western Balkans Transmission System Operators
Volume 12, Issue 2, 1120509
Elio Voshtina, Gentian Dume, Marialis Çelo, Rajmonda Buhaljoti, Donard Shaliu
Optimization of Carbon Dioxide Hydrogenation to Methanol over Copper-Based Catalyst
Volume 12, Issue 2, 1120512
Nor Hafizah Berahim, Akbar Abu Seman, Nor Hafizah Yasin, Quek Ven Chian, M Farizal Mahmood, Noor Asmawati Mohd Zabidi, Nur Amirah Suhaimi
Issue 1, March 2024
Energy Flow Management in a Smart Microgrid Based on Photovoltaic Energy Supplying Multiple Loads
Volume 12, Issue 1, 1110473
Kanlou Zandjina Dadjiogou, Ayité Sénah Akoda Ajavon, Yao Bokovi
Novel Design of Hybrid Single Slope Solar Distiller with Photovoltaic Powered Thermoelectric System
Volume 12, Issue 1, 1110474
Mohammad Nasir, Diaa Afaneh, Salah Abdallah, Hanan Saleet
Developing a framework for sustainability assessment of Reverse Osmosis desalination plants in Gaza Strip
Volume 12, Issue 1, 1110475
Fahid Rabah, Ahmed Mushtaha, Wesam Alaloul
Simple Photovoltaic Electric Vehicles Charging Management System Considering Sun Availability Time
Volume 12, Issue 1, 1110476
Syafii Syafii, Krismadinata Krismadinata, Muladi Muladi, Thoriq Kurnia Agung, Devianda Ananta Sandri
A Machine Learning Approach to Estimating Land Use Change and Scenario Influence in Soil Infiltration at The Sub-Watershed Level
Volume 12, Issue 1, 1110477
Aditya Nugraha Putra, Saskia Karyna Paimin, Salsabila Fitri Alfaani, Istika Nita, Syamsul Arifin, Mochammad Munir
Water supply and sewerage: Path to Net Zero Organizational Emissions
Volume 12, Issue 1, 1110478
Ivanna Harasymchuk, Vladimír Kočí, Martina Hájková, Martin Srb, Nikola Salová, Petr Sýkora
Method to Model the Hourly Variability of Renewable Energy Sources in Integrated Assessment Models
Volume 12, Issue 1, 1110481
Gonzalo Parrado-Hernando, Fernando Frechoso-Escudero, Luis Javier Miguel González
Evaluating Microplastic Pollution Along the Dubai Coast: An Empirical Model Combining On-Site Sampling and Sentinel-2 Remote Sensing Data
Volume 12, Issue 1, 1110482
Tarig Ali, Md Mortula, Batoul Mohsen, Lara Dronjak, Rahul Gawai, Serter Atabay, Zahid Khan, Kazi Fattah
Design and Implementation of a One-Seater Solar Car
Volume 12, Issue 1, 1120487
Seyed Ebrahim Esmaeili, Ahmad Aldandan, Laila Dallol, Majed ALdhefeeri, Othman AlSalili, Fatima Badreddine, Ghulam Hussain
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